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Natural quartz is a hard, common, mineral found at the Earth's surface. The quartz used today for a number of different surfaces is an engineered quartz stone that is mixed with pigments and polymers to create a tougher, more resilient, surface that is available in a wide range of different colours. Extremely durable and easy to maintain. Recommended for indoor use.


Granite is a very hard igneous rock that is made up from mainly quartz, feldspar and mica. Being a natural stone each slab varies from the other making any surface unique and beautiful. It is one of the most popular type of natural stones that is used for a variety of counter tops. This product is also commonly used for hearths and outdoor areas due to its ability to weather gracefully.

Marble is a hard form of limestone that has been created from thousands of years of pressure and heat. Different chemicals and substances cause the beautiful veining and clouds that can be seen in marble. This material is one of the more softer and sensitive so does require more care.

Italia Stone work with a number of different brands that provide quartz to offer our customers a large range of colours at the highest quality. 

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